Marketing Commitee // Lead Graphic Designer

7 members of the marketing committee for UGA VSA were responsible for creating campaigns, designing promotional items, and working closely with the media team to advertise our annual culture show: Night in Saigon 14. Our committee focused on teamwork and collaboration in brainstorming and constructive criticism. I served as one of the main graphic designers to design flyers, Snapchat geofilters, and t-shirt designs.

The Campaign

The social media platforms that were used were UGA VSA's official Facebook and Instagram page. The winners were selected randomly using a random generator and received tickets for Night in Saigon 14: Don't You Forget About Me. The duration of this contest was one week.

About Night in Saigon 14
Through skits, dances, songs, and more, NIS is a Vietnamese culture show dedicated to promoting the Vietnamese culture and heritage to the audience.

In partnership with the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA), VSA at UGA donates portion of our proceeds to the UNAVSA Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP), an annual project that VSAs across North America collectively fundraise for. This year's beneficiary is Pacific Links Foundation. This year we raised $6,000 for our CPP.

- To increase awareness of the culture show
- To encourage people to buy tickets

Facebook Requirements
- Like our official Facebook page
- Like the original post
- Tag three friends in the comments of original post
- Share the original post

Instagram Requirements
- Like the post
- Tag three friends in the comments
- Follow official Instagram

- About 3,400 views on original Instagram and Facebook post
- Over 150 people participated in the giveaway
- Sold out show with 800 tickets
- Increased Instagram followers by 47%
- Increased Facebook page likes by 20%